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Welcome from Your course leaders at mpc.
Welcome  to the BTEC level 3 dance and musical theatre programme, a collaboration between MPC and SCL Creative College. This two year pre-vocational performing arts course is designed to give you the best training with professional and experienced staff, who will help you move onto the next step in your chosen career path. It is designed to be highly practical  in content so it will be physically and mentally demanding. 

The staff at MPC are ready to guide, challenge and support you on this learning journey. We genuinely care about your welfare, development and success and take your achievement very seriously to give you the best start in your dance or musical theatre career.

The staff at SCL Creative College will be responsible for  managing the quality assurance of the BTEC education programme. They will ensure learners maximise their true potential in achieving the highest grades possible as you work closely with your performing arts specialists.

We very much look forward to working with you over the next two years where we aim to "Unleash Your Talent!"

Kerree (MPC).

Welcome from Your coursE EDUCATIONAL TEAM.


At SCL Creative College, we deliver quality educational experiences for ambitious 16-18-year-olds who live and breathe music, dance and performing arts. Where passion finds purpose, our programmes combine our network of highly-experienced teachers, artists and choreographers with real-life enrichment opportunities – all while being truly immersed within professional environments. Think of us as the place where your talents collide with a seriously creative way of learning. 

Our classrooms are your personal stage where you discover what makes you incredible. It’s not just about learning; it’s about finding your spark and setting it on fire. We’re not just teachers, we’re your biggest cheerleaders, and we’re all about unleashing your star power.

At SCL Creative College, you’ll learn from pros, gain unique and practical insights through audition masterclasses, and get exclusive access to real work experience opportunities across our network. With over two decades of experience, our commitment to nurturing talents, fostering innovation, and empowering young minds has only grown stronger. Our immersive learning environments, along with enrichment opportunities will give you the foundation you need to forge a strong career path and create the best version of yourself.

At SCL Creative College, dreams take centre stage. Through our quality education and enrichment experiences, we’re empowering ambitious 16-18-year-olds with a talent for music, dance and performing arts to unleash their star power and turn their passion into a profession.

We’re not just teachers. We’re your biggest cheerleaders. From the music studio to the West End, access and learn from our network of teachers, artists and choreographers with vast experience and outstanding portfolios.

Become truly immersed within the world of dance and performing arts. Learn at professional music, dance and performing arts studios across the country and become truly immersed within a world
of art and creativity. Take centre stage with real-world experience.

Whether its performing in panto or coaching within schools, our approach to enrichment and work experience allows you to take centre-stage and unleash your star power.

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