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Classes at Masque


Pupils from the age of 2 1/2 years may take this class. Tots dance is based around the fun and love of dance. They begin to learn early steps and develop basic technique, but it is all done through imagination and fun. Pupils can then move up through the graded examination system to advanced level.  Higher graded classes have the opportunity to take repertory class with ballet professionals. Ballet technique is the foundation of all dance and artistry but it is also for pleasure. This classical style of expressive movement has something to offer everyone. Dating back to the 17th century, it's conventional steps, grace and fluidity of movement are still found in ballet today.

Syllabus: IDTA Preparatory to Advanced 2. Plus Rosette Awards & Medals.

Pointe Studies:

For those students studying ballet at higher levels and have gained the strength and technical understanding for pointe work. We are also lucky enough to have a specialist teacher to impart their knowledge to our higher grades, teaching both technique and repertoire.


From the age of 4 years. Tap is rhythm – rhythm is tap. Its origins are many and varied. Americans claim its origin dates from the African jazz age. The Irish stake their claim to the jigs and step dancing. The English relate back to northern clog dancers but whichever one chooses to believe, tap is as popular today as it was in the heyday of the great Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly musicals. Evergreen shows, such as  42nd Street and Crazy For You, and the more recent Stomp and Tap Dogs highlight the great diversities of style and music in tapping.

Syllabus: IDTA Preparatory to Advanced 2. Medals

Modern Jazz:

From the age of 4 years. Modern Jazz is a fun and dynamic dance style. You will learn to develop many different movements reaching to a broad choice of varying rhythms and musical styles. Classes are structured to begin to prepare the physical strength and flexibility required to demonstrate emotion through interpretation of any musical genre. One minute you may be dancing to the rhythm of a drum, the next to a funky jazz style. You may explore contrast between expansion and relaxation or learn to isolate in a slick stylish mood, whatever the atmosphere of the class, kick, spin and leap your way into this exciting dance style.

Syllabus: IDTA Preparatory to Advanced 2. Medals.

Open Jazz & tap:

The Jazz class is for students from grade 4 upwards (A must for Intermediate, Advanced 1 & 2 Students). This is a non syllabus class where students are taught alternative techniques including musical theatre, commercial, jazz funk and contemporary jazz. This encourages their adaptability to older and current jazz styles.

Tap is also for grade 4 and above. This too stretches pupils to  develop their tap style and technique, building on choreography and performance.

Musical Theatre:

From the age of 6 years. This class is the “Triple Threat”. You will learn to sing, dance, act and these will culminate in West End/Broadway style performances. We focus on vocal technique for singing and acting, characterisation, scene setting and a general dance knowledge that will allow pupils to perform the variety of musical theatre. We also aim to give a good history of the world of musical theatre to expand their knowledge and love of this performance style. Is there a young musical theatre star inside of you waiting to get out?

Syllabus: IDTA Preparatory to Stage 5. Performers Certificate and Medals. LAMDA group examinations.

Annual musical theatre production and in house concerts.


From the age of 7years. Drama allows you to discover a variety of performance skills from acting, mime, and improvisation, including script analysis, characterisation & vocal development. Pupils are also encouraged to explore their own creativity and imagination, alongside solid technique and understanding of what builds a good dramatic performance. These are realised through exercises and games, culminating in theatre & studio performances and promotion of self confidence. Children have the opportunity to take examinations in acting, mime, verse and prose and improvisation. These may be taken as solo, duo and group performances.

Syllabus : LAMDA All Levels.

Street Dance/Hip Hop:

From the age of 4 years. Have you ever seen the hottest pop band’s music video or performance? Then you will already know what Street dance looks like. Street dance takes any form of popular music, from pop to hip hop. These classes develop the swagger and attitude of the great hip hop artists. Styles include breaking, tutting, boogaloo, popping & locking to name a few. Get your swagger on and hip hop your way into dance.

Syllabus: IDTA Medals.


The name “Contemporary Dance” describes a range of techniques & styles used in classes and dance choreography. Contemporary dance was developed in the early 20th century as a reaction against the rigid technique of ballet. Pioneers such as Isadora Duncan & Martha Graham searched for ease of movement using the bodies natural lines and energy, allowing a greater range of movement than conventional dance techniques. Contemporary dance is characterised by its versatility: it can be danced to almost any style of music, or united with other dance forms to create new styles of movement. This style seeks to work with the natural movement of the body and therefore lends itself to the beginner. At the same time the ease of movement promoted by contemporary allows those more experienced dancers to push the boundaries of dance with a deeper connection to emotion in their performance.

Freestyle Disco:

From the age of 4 years. Freestyle/disco is a high energy, fun modern dance class taught to lively dance music. In a progression from the old style disco, it involves runs, spins, kicks and leaps as well as many other diverse steps and movements with lots of different arm and hand actions. The music can be fast and ‘beaty’ or slow and atmospheric, allowing dancers of all ages to use freedom of expression to enhance their style. It is a fun, fast and bouncy class.

Syllabus: IDTA Medals and above


Acro dance follows the Acrobatic Arts and IDTA syllabi. These classes prepare students in strength and flexibility. They will learn many tricks, tumbling, balancing, aerial and contortion through careful training methods. This serves to enhance the dancers repertory by combining dance with acrobatics.

Syllabus: Acrobatic Arts & IDTA

turns & leaps class:

This class is designed to specifically work on pupil's technique for all types of turning and a variety of leaps. It is open to any pupil who is attending the school from the age of 6 (as long as they are willing to focus as they are working at a senior level) .This is a drop in class where pupils can pay as they go.


This class is by invitation only. Our competitors work on group dances for both festivals and events. Students must take a minimum of ballet & modern jazz classes and have shown a commitment to attending competitions as a solo or duet performer for a period of time. Any pupil is welcome to start festivals as a soloist or duets.

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