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Here at Masque there are many opportunities for pupils to take advantage of if they wish. There is never any pressure, but we find the majority enjoy the experience that allows them to demonstrate what they are achieving and receive the rewards for doing so. Whether it is through examination or performance, every pupil has the chance to accomplish and attain recognition for their skills.


We have been open since 1996 and have a 100% pass rate history with dance, drama  and musical theatre exams.  Our students are trained using both internationally recognised syllabi and non-syllabus techniques. It is our feeling that by exposing students to many techniques and approaches, they will benefit from a more rounded dance & drama training, which will in turn, prepares them for a potential career in the performing arts should they choose this profession. 


International Dance Teachers Association Examinations : Examinations are available in Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Musical Theatre, Freestyle Disco and Street Dance. The IDTA is a modern, progressive and forward thinking association. The IDTA is a Member of the British Dance Council. Members of the Council for Dance Education & Training (UK), Central Council of Physical Recreation & The Stage Dance Council International. Examinations are not compulsory, but we find the majority of students wish to take part. We hold several examination sessions a year and teach all amateur levels from Preparatory Grade to Grade 5, and Major Grades; Intermediate, Advanced 1 & 2, (Professional Performer Level). All graded examinations are now OfQual Accredited meaning they now count as UCAS points.


London Academy Of Music & Dramatic Art : LAMDA offer a graded examination system which covers Drama subjects including Acting, Verse & Prose and Mime to name a few. plus musical theatre examinations It is one of the oldest and most prestigious drama training schools in England. LAMDA's mission is to: improve standards in communication through the spoken word, foster an appreciation of literature, poems and drama acknowledge levels of achievement, support the creative, intellectual and social development of the individual as a whole. LAMDA examinations are designed  to equip candidates, whatever their age or aspirations, with a range of skills that will serve them throughout life.  As with our dance examination LAMDA is also accredited with OfQual and give pupils further UCAS points. 

Acrobatic Arts:  As innovators in this style and the first in Thanet to include it within their dance programme, we sought to find a  comprehensive training system specifically designed for dancers. The Acrobatic Arts programme is based on a safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions in acro dance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling. Developed with information from professionals and experts in ballet, modern dance, jazz, contortion, artistic rhythmic gymnastics, yoga and pilates and more, you will not find a more comprehensive programme. This works well in conjunction with our teacher's Alixa Flexibility training to give pupils the best outcome within this field.


At MTS performance experience is offered in a variety of ways.


Annual  School Production. This is held yearly at The Winter Gardens, Margate and all of our dance and musical theatre pupils are involved. This is mammoth production held over one weekend. It is a performance of three acts based around a theme that allows pupils to show how much they have progressed in all their classes, and receive the applause they richly deserve from family and friends. 

Musical Theatre Production : This is also an annual event for those who take this class. It is a variety show that allows them to shine as individuals and as an ensemble. It also gives them a chance to perform a variety of musical theatre styles. This year we will also be including some in house smaller studio productions for parents to see their progression in a more low key setting.


Drama Showcase : We are reinstating our drama showcases to give pupils a chance to show parents their examination work and  self created performance pieces. This is done in a studio setting as this intimate performance venue gives pupils the chance to feel a connection with their audience.


Festivals and Competitions : Our students are encouraged to take part in dance and drama festivals. These are a great way for students to develop their performance skills and gain feedback from those professionals who work in the performing arts industry. We also have the wonderful opportunity to take part in performances in London’s West End at Her Majesty's Theatre, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London Palladium & The Theatre Royal Drury, Lane. These are amateur events held for performing arts students from schools all over the UK, giving pupils a chance to experience what it is like to perform in a professional theatre. Alongside these events those pupils who wish to do so may take part in Festival Work, Competitive Work and Demonstration Work. Our pupils are regularly invited to take part in local Pantomimes, Charity Galas and Modelling.

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